Another blog… for things that do not belong on my writing blogs

Here I am, starting another blog…

I’m not going to post here on any schedule.  This one is going to be more for behind-the-scenes things, where I talk about writing, or share other short writing that doesn’t fit with my current continuing story blog, or if I get tagged in something on another blog and want to share it with others.  (One topic is off limits for sure, though: my day job.)

If you just found this accidentally, check out my current ongoing project, Don’t Let The Days Go By.  It is a continuing story set in the 1990s about a university student figuring out life.  I usually write new episodes weekly, but as of this moment I am on a planned hiatus.  I take a month or so off from writing every time Character-Greg takes finals in June or December.  (Currently the story is in December 1996.)

I haven’t decided how long this hiatus will be.  I might need more time to plan out the rest of the fictional school year, since I have a lot of pivotal moments in Character-Greg’s life coming up.  I’ve heard other writers on WordPress refer to being “plotters” or “pantsers,” meaning writers who plot out their stories vs. those who write by the seats of their pants.  I’m usually a plotter with the big details and a pantser with the little ones, but the next few months of storytelling might require more plotting.  As Greg’s frustration with the cliques in Jeromeville Christian Fellowship grows, he will find himself wanting to do something about it.  Greg will attend the conference in Urbana (that’s a real thing, by the way) and think about where God wants to use him in ministry… and he will get some unexpected answers.  Two of Greg’s favorite professors will approach him, prompting him to think about his future with a mathematics degree.  And, while Greg sets his sights on new romantic interests, he will continue to deal with the aftermath of Haley’s rejection.  With all of those important things happening in the first half of 1997, I want to make sure my storytelling is consistent and coherent.

It still feels funny saying “other writers on WordPress,” including myself in that group, because I really don’t think of myself as a writer. Writing is a hobby for me, but unlike a lot of the writers I’ve met here, I don’t plan on making money from writing or doing it full time. Maybe I should… I don’t know.

Now, over to you, those of you who want to follow my life behind the scenes… what kinds of things do you want to see here?  Other writing, most likely from my past?  My thoughts on stuff?  The stories behind DLTDGB?  I will definitely put up an About Me page and a page with links to my other blogs.  And is there anything you want to see on the DLTDGB site?  I’ve considered drawing maps of UJ and Jeromeville, but the problem is that since both places are based on real places, it looks too much like the map of the real place.  I also might make a master episode list, with episodes categorized by the major subplots addressed (school, Christianity, the Internet, Haley, etc.).

Thanks for reading!

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