Making plans for the second half of Year 3.

I always take a planned break from Don’t Let The Days Go By every six months or so. I feel like I need this current break from writing more than usual. I have a lot of big things planned for Character-Greg in the rest of his junior year at UJ, and I want to make sure the stories are consistent and well planned. I’ve felt a bit overwhelmed trying to figure all of this out.

I had a relatively light day at the day job today, so I got a great idea. I cut up a bunch of pieces of scratch paper (index cards would have worked nicely, but I was at work and didn’t want to use office supplies for personal stuff). I went through all of my ideas for the rest of Year 3 of DLTDGB; some of them were things I had typed in my notes document, and some of them were thoughts in my head. Each idea I had, I wrote on a piece of paper; I ended up with a stack of probably around 50 ideas by the end of the day.

My next step is to organize them. Put them in order by date, as much as possible. Paper-clip together the ideas that can or should be part of the same episode. Look up any information I need to look up. Then I can make a broad outline of episodes for the rest of Year 3. I’ll get to that soon, hopefully…

Until then, please enjoy this collage of my papers with ideas on them. As a reward for following me here, you get hints about what is to come on DLTDGB. (These are all vague, minor spoilers, by design; the major spoilers I kept off camera.) (Also, I had to do a lot of crudely blurring of things out, for privacy and anonymity reasons, because the scratch paper I used was printed on the other side, and some of it was showing through.)

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