So I dragged my butt to Bay City on a weeknight to see one of the bands I never saw back when they were popular.

As I have said before, I love listening to music, but I did not grow up going to concerts. In my 20s, I saw a lot of Christian rock bands, and there were a few short-lived local artists that I followed. There are a few bands that I see every time they tour my area, and I’ve seen a few somewhat big names at the fair here. A couple years ago, I was thinking about how I really should see more concerts. Live music is something I enjoy. What I do not enjoy is a lot of the big names that are popular now, but what I can do is see some of the bands that I listened to when I was younger that are still touring.

Then 2020 came along and you-know-what happened and everyone stopped touring, and I lost yet another thing to look forward to.

But now, bands are touring again. I recently dragged my butt to Bay City on a weeknight to see Toad the Wet Sprocket. The band had a few hits in the 90s, and I always liked them on a greatest hits level. I started paying more attention to them when I heard in the early 2010s that they were back together with the original lineup. (The original drummer has since left; the new album that was recently released, Starting Now, is the first without the original drummer.) Over the last few years, I have acquired used CDs of all their old albums as they crawled up my list of bands I’d like to see live someday. I’ve used their music several times in DLTDGB, including their most well-known song, “All I Want,” in one of the earliest episodes (#3, February 26, 1994) which also mentioned them in the text.

It was a great show. Not very big, so no one was very far from the band. They played a good mix of new and old music, including about half of the Starting Now album and all of their well-known heyday songs. The first song they played (“The Best Of Me,” from Starting Now) they did all around one microphone; that was a nice change. They added a long drum solo to the end of “Nightingale Song.” And their encore was the two remaining heyday songs that they had not played yet. It was just what I needed with everything that’s going on in the world these days. It was worth getting stuck in traffic in Bay City. It was worth having sore feet for days after standing for so long. It was worth standing through an opening act that, well, wasn’t my type of music. And I actually managed to get five whole hours of sleep, between getting home at quarter to 1 and having to work the next day.

(I have some opinions about concerts and stuff like that requiring proof of vaccination, and I would prefer not to discuss that now.)

I took this video on my phone. I don’t know who the other people in front of me are, since I went to the show by myself. If you have no idea who these people are, you might recognize this song, especially if you were born in the 1970s or 1980s.

4 thoughts on “So I dragged my butt to Bay City on a weeknight to see one of the bands I never saw back when they were popular.

  1. I’d never heard of Toad the Wet Sprocket before but I Googled them and listened to some clips… I had actually heard The Best Of Me track before, but I don’t recognise anything else. I like being able to check out new bands, so that’s cool. It sounds like a decent gig so I’m glad you got the chance to go! x

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    • Thanks! It was!

      They’ve been playing together since 1986, when they were teenagers. (I’m not sure exactly how old the others are, but I know Glen, the lead vocalist and the one in the picture here where it’s just him, is 50, and that he is the youngest of the three original members.) I saw their name in print before I knew their music, around 1991-92-ish; it stood out to me because it is unusual. Back then, MTV still played music in the mornings and afternoons, and when I saw the video for All I Want, I realized that they were pretty good despite the unusual name. I’ve used their songs a few times as the song of the episode for DLTDGB, and one of their well known songs (“Something’s Always Wrong”) I’m saving for a specific episode that will come about halfway through year 4 (late 1997).

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    • More on that… they broke up in 1999 to work on solo projects, but occasionally still played together. Since the early 2010s, they have been back together as a full band, writing and recording together too, with three more albums.

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