I have an uncanny talent for reconstructing certain details of my past.

I don’t know how I got like this, but I have an uncanny talent for reconstructing certain details of my past.

Obviously, DLTDGB is based on my own past, and while I have taken many liberties with details of the stories, as well as simplified some things in order to not overly confuse readers, I also try to keep things accurate when possible. In particular, I want to avoid anachronisms, and in particular, if an episode of DLTDGB involves an actual historical event that occurred on a specific date or within a specific window of time, I want to be accurate.

Yesterday I was planning out the next few months of DLTDGB. A lot of big things happened to me in the first half of 1997, and those big things are going to be happening to Character-Greg soon. One of those big things was that Brian, my roommate at the time, turned me into a Star Wars fan. I never explicitly disliked Star Wars, but I wasn’t as passionate about it as many of my Gen-X peers. I didn’t really have friends growing up who I watched movies with. We did occasionally go to movies as a family, but I only saw Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back a couple times throughout my entire childhood, and I never saw Return of the Jedi. But then 1997 came along, and I had the perfect combination of living with Brian, a huge Star Wars fan, and the theatrical rereleases of all three movies with added scenes and enhanced special effects and all the controversial stuff that fans argue about. (I watched Brian’s original unaltered VHS copies later that year, and now I’m definitely on the side of Han shot first, but that’s not the story I’m telling here.)

So, anyway, I was planning the next few months of DLTDGB, and I wanted to look up the exact dates that the Star Wars movies were rereleased. A quick Google search gave me January 31, February 21, and March 14. I was trying to remember exactly when I saw them. I know I saw Return of the Jedi with Brian and a bunch of others on the day it was released, because that day was the only time I ever skipped class without being very sick or having my registration appointment for the following term at the same time as a class. But I didn’t see Star Wars right away. I remember seeing it with Barefoot James on a weeknight a couple weeks later. He was late, because he had to go back home and get sandals, because he remembered that the theater wouldn’t let him in barefoot. And Empire, I saw with Brian and others, the second time he went to see the rerelease; I thought I remembered it being a Saturday afternoon a couple weeks later. So, I checked a 1997 calendar, and in my notes for DLTDGB, I wrote down February 18 for Star Wars, March 8 for Empire, and March 14 for Return. If those dates weren’t accurate, they were at least close enough for reasonable storytelling purposes. (Side note: I already have plans for the March 14 episode, because last year I found a handwritten poem of mine, also dated March 14, 1997. That was a memorable evening when I was having a hard time dealing with post-Haley rejection drama. But I’m not going to narrate everything that happened in Return of the Jedi, so I’ll probably just mention that I saw the movie earlier in the day, and the episode will focus on what happened that night to inspire the poem.)

Anyway, a while later, I was trying to remember the date of the chorus performance in late May or early June. I went to my deep archives, in the box where the program for that chorus performance would be half a century later. I found it; it was June 6. But while I was searching that box, I found some other curiosities.

Specifically, lots and lots of ticket stubs.

One of them was from Star Wars. The date: February 18, 1997.

And another one from Empire Strikes Back. March 8, 1997.

And Return on the Jedi. March 14, 1997.

3 for 3. Yay me.

Anyway, so I guess that little anecdote is meant to introduce the fact that I’m hoping to have new episodes of DLTDGB starting next week. You won’t want to miss the next few months; lots of big things happening. And I also wrote a guest post for someone else’s blog, which will be a story about Character-Greg at age 9 and his family Christmas.

Have a great week! Happy Thanksgiving to my US readers.


One thought on “I have an uncanny talent for reconstructing certain details of my past.

  1. You certainly do go to the effort to make sure posts are as accurate as possible. Looking forward to reading more about character-Greg during these times.

    I have a box full of old memories, though sadly I ended up getting rid of a lot of things when we moved and I really do regret it. I’ve still got cinema ticket stubs, though I’m not convinced the ink will still be legible on them anymore. I’m not sure how to store stuff like that to make sure it stays good quality and readable.

    I don’t do Star Wars. That said, I do have a Star Wars sticker on my light switch because it was just too cool not to. At the top and underneath the light switch is Darth and Yoda respectively. Flip the light up for the “Dark Side” and down for the “Light Side”.

    Caz xx


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