New project!

Hi… I have a new project that launched yesterday. It’s actually a revival of an old project that I did for a couple years a while back.

The project is a Song of the Day page. Every day, I will be sharing a song, just whatever song happens to be on my mind. I’m always listening to music, so I have a lot of songs in my head at any given moment. The Song of the Day will represent many different genres and eras of music. I will schedule posts for every day at 12pm in my local time zone (Pacific Standard Time, western USA; that would be 2pm in Chicago and Houston, 3pm in New York and Washington D.C., 8pm in the UK, etc.).

The page still needs work, I haven’t done the About Me yet, but you should go follow it:

Song of the Day by DJ GJ-64 –

(As for the name, GJ is for Gregory James, and 64, one of my favorite numbers for a variety of reasons, is a callback to my old Song of the Day project which also had 64 in the title. DJ GJ and DJ 64 are already names being used by people out there somewhere…)

I didn’t make the logo myself. I just searched “dj” on Bitmoji and added words to the shirt.


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