O bid our sad divisions cease – Christmas 2021

O come, Desire of nations, bind
In one the hearts of all mankind;
O bid our sad divisions cease,
And be thyself our king of peace.

Sometimes the words to Christmas songs just hit differently in some years than others. (Technically, having grown up Catholic, this is an Advent song, not a Christmas song, but getting hung up on semantics and denominational differences is pretty much the opposite of what I’m going to say here.) “Bid our sad divisions cease”… that pretty much describes what needs to happen in the world right now. Not only are there the usual wars and conflicts between nations that have been going on for years, but here in the United States we no longer agree on the ideals that this nation was founded on, and even in the Church there are very sharp disagreements on how to apply the teachings of Jesus to the world of the 21st century.

I pray for revival in 2022. I pray that the world will know that they need Jesus, and that they will come to him. I pray that you will show me how I can be part of this revival here where I live. I pray that I will remember that the lost ones around me don’t need a political party, a candidate, a philosophy, or a lifestyle, but that they need Jesus. We are all sinners in need of a savior. I pray, Jesus, you will show me how to walk that balance of speaking the truth about sin, yet loving people where they are, just as you did.

Merry Christmas, all. Rejoice, rejoice. Emmanuel shall come to thee, O Israel.

(P.S. I have no particular attachment to this recording of the song; it was just the first one in the YouTube search results where they included the verse in question.)

Two bonus Christmas stories from Character-Greg’s childhood.

A lot of my blog friends are doing Christmas-themed posts this month, and many of them asked for submissions for guest posts. I wrote a story about Greg’s Christmas at age 9, but it was too long, so I used that as the basis for two stories, a shorter one about Greg’s Christmas at age 9, and another one about Greg’s Christmas at age 10. I sent them to two different people as guest posts.

So, in case you haven’t read them yet, click on the following links:

December 23-25, 1985. A new family tradition born of immaturity and impatience. – Greg’s Christmas at age 9, hosted by Tia at Tall Blonde Tales

December 25, 1986. The decorative candles. – Greg’s Christmas at age 10, hosted by Shanessa at My Days In Montana

DLTDGB updates.

I updated the DLTDGB Dramatis Personae. I had been meaning to do this for quite some time. It was out of date, with some characters’ descriptions containing things that applied to them in Year 2 but no longer apply in Year 3.

At first glance, the Dramatis Personae seems like just a reference work, a place to look up short character bios in a work with an extremely large cast of characters. But, for a continuing story like this, in which I update the Dramatis Personae page periodically, I have to admit that I occasionally drop hints in the Dramatis Personae. For example, this latest update includes an entry for Carrie Valentine, despite the fact that she was only mentioned very briefly in one scene of one episode, and her last name has not been given in the actual story yet. So one would be correct to conclude that Carrie is going to have a bigger part to play in future episodes.

Also on my to-do list for this week is to post an organized episode guide of some sort. Then the next step is to continue planning for the rest of Year 3. I’m hoping to start posting weekly new episodes again by the end of November.

And, finally, I’m working on a guest post for someone else’s blog. It will be a Christmas-related story about character-Greg at age 9. I hope everyone enjoys a glimpse into Greg’s childhood.

Take care, have a wonderful day, and good luck to all of you who are working on NaNoWriMo. I am not.