Writing & Other Projects

Don’t Let The Days Go By – an episodic continuing story set in the 1990s about a university student. Updated approximately weekly.

Just Take The Leap – a future project featuring the same main character as Don’t Let The Days Go By. It will be set in 2004-06, about a twentysomething who, after going through a crisis, embarks on the greatest adventure of his life.

Cow Chip & Lance – not my project, but I know the guys involved and I’ve done some work behind the scenes. “Dog Crap and Vince” from the July 18, 1996 episode of DLTDGB was based on this. (Cow Chip & Lance seems to be on indefinite hiatus.)

Song of the Day, by DJ GJ-64 – a song every day, representing many different genres and eras of music.

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