Thoughts on writing, and assumptions about me.

I’m currently taking a break from writing. (If this post is your first introduction to me, my current project is Don’t Let The Days Go By, an episodic continuing story set in 1997 about a university student. Go check it out and follow it.) I always take a break every June and December in the fictional timeline, and real life is kind of overwhelming right now.

Sometimes I wonder, is anyone out there really following my writing? Does anyone really care what happens to character-Greg? Does anyone have favorite episodes of DLTDGB? Is there anyone out there who wishes they could live in Jeromeville, the way people wish they could go to Hogwarts or Narnia? Does anyone have favorite minor characters, like I do with TV shows or movies sometimes? Is anyone making predictions about what will happen to Greg and his friends in the future? Does anyone care what girl Greg ends up with? Does anyone out there write DLTDGB fan fiction with alternative relationships, like something finally happening with Greg and Carrie, or an alternate universe where Haley liked Greg back?

Of course, that last one probably isn’t going to happen with something like DLTDGB. But still, I wonder sometimes if anyone is actually paying attention. I get very few comments on DLTDGB, and I’m not getting as many likes as I used to. I like to say I’m writing for myself, not for popularity, but honestly, I do enjoy discussing my writing with others.

I’ll get back to writing DLTDGB in a month or so. I still have a story to tell, even if not many people are paying attention. Maybe something I say will make a difference to someone out there.

In the meantime, I recently did an assumption post on DLTDGB, where I ask people for their assumptions about character-Greg, and I answered them in character from 1997. If you missed that, and you still want your assumptions answered, go check out that post and leave a comment.

Now, I’m going to ask you for your assumptions about adult Greg in 2022. So, in the comments of this post, please leave any assumptions you have for me as an adult in 2022, and I will answer them in a week or so. I’m curious to think what people think about me. I look forward to hearing from you!


One thought on “Thoughts on writing, and assumptions about me.

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    Hi… you’re not used to hearing from me on a Tuesday, I know… but I just posted this on the other blog, some thoughts about DLTDGB, and an assumption post for people to make assumptions about adult Greg. Go check it out. I’ll post the year 3 recap on Sunday.


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