Music game

(I got this from someone else on another site)

Leave a comment, and I’ll shuffle my music and give you a song. Feel free to leave a song for me as well.

(As an added twist… I’m playing this game in character, despite the title of this blog. That means I will only reply with a song released in February 1997 or earlier. It won’t necessarily be a song I actually knew in February 1997, though, since my musical tastes have expanded significantly since then. That’ll open up more of a diversity of genres. If you reply with a song for me, your song does not have to follow those rules.)

5 thoughts on “Music game

  1. (1) Here is your song… I have a long up-and-down history with this band, which includes actually crossing paths with some of them and being credited as “Additional Vocals” on one song from one member’s solo album (not the song I sent here). So far the band has had one album after this one, which I thought was terrible, but most of their fans were calling it a masterpiece. But that’s another story.

    (2) I was all set to launch a Song of the Day page today, then I chickened out and decided to change the name. The old URL had the name in it, so I deleted the site entirely and made a new one. But all that was during my lunch at work, and I didn’t have time to fix the link here, so I just deleted the post you saw, with the intent of making a new one soon. I’ll go do that now. But the new site is I also haven’t made an About Me page or anything like that; I’ll get to that over the next few days.

    Thanks for asking! I hope you’re well.

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  2. Some good 90s tunes there. Pretty cool claim to fame to say you’ve met some of them and were included as “additional vocals”. It’s always a shame though when a good band (darker, grungy, etc) releases newer albums that lose their original shine.

    Gotcha, makes sense on the post change. Checking out the new site now. You are a busy bee! Hope all’s going well in your world & at work ☺️

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    • It’s not so much that they’ve lost their original shine… it’s more that this newest album is the most overtly political in their catalog, and much of their original fan base from the 90s has grown up in a different direction politically from me. Five Iron Frenzy always had a unique combination of Christian and punk influences.

      FIF’s music basically falls into three categories: (1) deep spiritual lyrics (example:, (2) angry political songs pointing out hypocrisy among Christians and Americans (example:, and (3) just plain silly stuff (example: They had a unique ability to bring liberals and conservatives together in their fandom just by being real. I loved most of the type 1 and 3 songs, but the type 2 songs weren’t usually my favorites, because I fit a lot of the categories of the people they criticize in that music. There is still one song from their first album that I always skip when it comes up on shuffle. But some of the criticism is certainly warranted.

      This new album is pretty much all type 2 songs. Most of their fan base is church youth group kids in the 90s who (as two of the band members did) abandoned the church as mainstream evangelical Christianity became more conservative, or (as the rest of the band seems to have) stuck with the more liberal wing of Christianity that has some (in my opinion) questionable teachings at times. Of course, a lot of the criticism of the conservative wing of American Christianity is still warranted. But for the most part, my favorite music doesn’t tend to be of the angry political variety. And given the political climate in the US over the last few years, and the way the media in general has been so critical of the same political viewpoints that this new album is critical of, it just feels like pandering to me.


  3. This sounds like a great idea. I’d like to give it a try, so lemme hear my song!
    As for you…….how about “Polk Salad Annie” (the Tony Joe White version)? It’s a real banger, if you ask me


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